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The lamps lit up and flames appeared in the air. Legend has it that Tansen, after completing his education, had no equal in the field of music apart from his guru. He began his career and spent most of his adult life in the court and patronage of the Hindu king of Rewa princely stateRaja Ramchandra Singh, where Tansen's musical abilities and studies gained him widespread fame and following.

The life of Tansen is associated with many legends. People had come from far and near to hear Tansen sing the most difficult of all ragas, Deepak Raga. Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the late s, Pakistan came up with a television series which delved into the mysterious life of Tansen.

Other legends tell of his ability to bring wild animals to listen with attention or to talk their language. Ramchandra welcomed his former court musician.

Tansen – The Magical Musician

It was because of Swami Haridas that Tansen acquired his love for dhrupad along with his interest in compositions in the local language. Akbar, who was curious to witness the miracle, ordered his servants to place a number of lamps and Tansen was asked to light up those lamps, just by singing.

Tansen hid himself in some bushes and roared like a tiger. Gradually the elephant became calm, and soon the emperor was able to mount and ride it. Tansen's supposed residence is also nearby. With the permission of Haridas, Rupa agreed to sing.

It is said that Tansen learnt everything that he could learn from his master. His talent was recognized also very early. Tansen sung Raga Deepak and all the lamps were lit, all at once!

Tansen Academy Of Hindustani Music Bangalore

So, reluctantly, King Ramchandra sent Tansen as a royal gift from one court to another escorted by his own men. According to some legends of Hindu version, Hindu bhakti saint, poet and musician Swami Haridas was the most important influence on Tansen. The series was written by Haseena Moin.As Tansen grew up his father engaged teachers to teach him to read and write.

Tansen, however, was more interested in going to the nearby forest with his friends, where he would imitate bird and animal sounds. Tansen – The Magical Musician.

So pleased was the Emperor with Tansen’s music that after the performance he took off his. Tansen Academy Of Hindustani Music Bangalore conducts classes in Hindustani Music, Music Composition and Music Theory.

It is located in Kaval Byrasandra, Bangalore. It takes Regular Classes- at the Institute and Online Classes- via online medium. The song of Tansen at Akbar’s court brought about a heavy shower and kindled a fire.

Music not only rouses various feelings but also quiets the worried and wearied soul.

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Tansen by Various Artists - Music Today When sold by cheri197.com, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. cheri197.com's standard return policy will apply. Tansen is considered the founder of Hindustani classical music.

In fact, every school of music that exists today in India tries to trace its origin back to him. The Dhrupad style of music is likely to have been started by him and his guru. Tansen. Check out his biography, performances, concerts, birthday, age, family, achievements, some lesser known facts Tansen Biography Name Tansen Birth Name Ramtanu Known for Vocalist of Hindustani Classical Music.

A musician and instrumentalist who also had a huge influence on.

Write about tansen music
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