The legal concept of agency

It suggests that retrospective responsibility is more complicated than is often thought: The Office of International Affairs assists the Chairman and the Commission in the development and implementation of the SEC's international regulatory and enforcement initiatives.

Thank you so much for all you hard work over the past week, your team at vismedia. Moral agency can also be termed responsible agency, meaning that a person is open to moral evaluation.

Jay Responsibility and the Moral Sentiments, Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA Seeks to mediate between the Humean and Kantian accounts of retrospective responsibility sketched above, by asking when it is fair to The legal concept of agency someone responsible and thus expose them to "reactive" emotions such as resentment or indignation.

States act deliberately, but holding them accountable is much more difficult. Kant himself does not speak of responsibility — the word was only just coming into the language of his day — but he does have much to say about imputation Zurechnungthat is, the basis on which actions are imputed to a person.

As the example of childhood suggests, there can be degrees of responsibility. These surprisingly elementary points are fundamental to establishing the groundwork of a successful FOIA request but are often surprisingly overlooked by otherwise savvy activists.

A vicar has no deputy. On this account, there is a serious puzzle as to how a collective can be responsible, since a collective lacks the psychological capacities of an individual person but see the Encyclopedia article on collective intentionality and its membership tends to alter over time.

One way of putting this is to say that the law is concerned with definite outcomes, and only secondarily with intentions. Further, reasonable notice has to be given by one party to the other; otherwise, damage resulting from want of such notice, will have to be paid s.

Office of International The legal concept of agency The SEC works extensively in the international arena to promote cooperation among national securities regulatory agencies, and to encourage the maintenance of high regulatory standards worldwide.

Second, the Division also provides economic analysis and research, risk assessment, and data analytics to critically support the agency's resources on matters presenting the greatest perceived risks in litigation, examinations, and registrant reviews, as well as providing economic support for enforcement matters.

Recall that one of the original uses of the word responsible" was to describe a desirable quality of government, and that we still use the word in this way to praise some institutions, just as we may criticize a corporation or group as irresponsible.

The Division's staff routinely reviews the disclosure documents filed by companies. Often the Commission asks for a court order, called an injunction, that prohibits any further acts or practices that violate the law or Commission rules.

The Division obtains evidence of possible violations of the securities laws from many sources, including market surveillance activities, investor tips and complaints, other Divisions and Offices of the SEC, the self-regulatory organizations and other securities industry sources, and media reports.

However this may be, it is fair to say that this usage of "responsible" has received the least attention from philosophers. Through renouncing when agent hm self stop being an agent. The General Counsel represents the SEC in civil, private, or appellate proceedings as appropriate, including appeals from the decisions of the federal district courts or the Commission in enforcement matters, and appeals from the denial of requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

When someone who is or is not an employee uses company business cards, finance documents, or a truck with the company logo, such use gives apparent authority as an agent. This single provision has the potential to have the greatest impact upon FOIA requests and litigation.

Getting documents and other valuable information from the government is usually a crucial component in the resolution of any problem involving the operations or activities of the federal bureaucracy or those it does business with.

The person who acts badly does not: However, most philosophers have been dissatisfied with such accounts. These amendments, because there has been little opportunity for reviewing courts to evaluate them, present an unknown commodity to the FOIA requester.

The incapacity of the agent also amounts to a revocation in law, as in case of insanity, and the like, which renders an agent altogether incompetent, but the rule does not reciprocally apply in its full extent. The Office has overall responsibility for the strategic management of the SEC's human capital.

Such usages do not imply any assignment of blame or desert, and philosophers often distinguish them by referring to "causal responsibility.

Why should this be so? On this, see Hill, Express Authority Express authority is contractual-given authority. Perhaps our first response will be to say that such a person is irresponsible, even evil. This legal rule is based on respondeat superior, which is Latin for "let the master answer.

The staff carefully monitor ongoing legislative activities and initiatives on Capitol Hill that affect the Commission and its mission. Accordingly, if you have access to a computer with a modem and a web-browser, you may now get information from an agency's site on the Internet which previously required the time and difficulty of submitting a written FOIA request.

The principal is generally not bound if the agent was not actually or apparently authorized to enter into the contract. Moral versus Legal Responsibility As some of the examples of retrospective and prospective responsibility indicate, law has an especial connection with questions of responsibility.

You-whether you are a trained lawyer, a law student or just someone with an interest in ensuring that our government operate in the open-can use the Act to expose all nature of the machinations of power in our country. There can be terminological confusion here.

Law of agency

Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations The Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations administers the SEC's nationwide examination and inspection program for registered self-regulatory organizations, broker-dealers, transfer agents, clearing agencies, investment companies, and investment advisers.

From the Psychology to the Politics of Agency, Polity, Cambridge An account of responsible agency that emphasizes both responsiveness to reasons and the interactive nature of responsibility attribution, and explores the connection between individual agency and political contexts.

The Office of the Chief Accountant assists the Commission in executing its responsibility under the securities laws to establish accounting principles, and for overseeing the private sector standards-setting process.W e are a fully integrated retail advertising agency headquartered in Peoria, Arizona, serving clients across the country.

Law of agency

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The law of agency is an area of commercial law dealing with a set of contractual, quasi-contractual and non-contractual fiduciary relationships that involve a person, called the agent, that is authorized to act on behalf of another (called the principal) to create legal relations with a third party.

Succinctly, it may be referred to as the equal relationship between a principal and an agent.

Agency Law and Legal Definition

Introduction. The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation. The technical cooperation programme is the IAEA’s primary mechanism for transferring nuclear technology to Member States, helping them to address key development priorities in areas such as health and nutrition, food and agriculture, water and the environment, industrial applications, and nuclear.



We evaluate people and groups as responsible or not, depending on how seriously they take their responsibilities. Often we do this informally, via moral judgment.

The legal concept of agency
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