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The success of an organisation depends on the quality of personnel selected for the jobs. Though checking references may be a good source of information but referees may not give frank opinion about the candidate. Through the selection process, applicants get the chance to prove themselves worthy of the position and in the process build confidence and a stronger personality.

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According to Bartlett and Choshalorganizations have evolved in a manner by which the human resources have been viewed as strategic resources that are central in developing competitive advantage.

Read this essay to learn about Selection of Employees. Generally, the items that have a strong relationship to job performance are given higher scores. Trained assessors in these centres evaluate candidates using a range of techniques including the methods outlined above including written tests, interviews, and individual or group exercises.

Moreover, organizations also rely on training to cascade new initiatives. In this sense, it is a negative process of employment in which only a few who qualify for job are offered employment and others are denied the opportunities.

Essay on the Selection of Employees | HRM

He should give a good account of the company so that the applicant takes a good view of it and hopes to apply again whenever new opening emanates. Peer assessment This method involves the involvement of a range of people with different relationships to the candidate in inquiry about response and behaviour suitable for a particular work situation or role.

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For example, examination of a job description for an auto mechanic would probably show that manipulation of parts and pieces relative to one another and the ability to perceive geometric relationships between physical objects were required.

From the workforces' perspective, recruitment attempts of the company, such as on-line job ads, job fairs and all other recruitment techniques, serve as a portal through which workforces enter the organizations of their choice.

Essay on the Selection of Employees | HRM

This consideration makes the utilization of valid, reliable and fair selection processes essential for success. This makes the application form more job related. In order to achieve genuine communication in the classroom, every lesson should be wisely planned and perfectly provided having balanced variety of activities.

If the candidate is found suitable, Selection techniques essay is selected for further screening. A receptionist in the personnel department gives information about new openings to the visitors and receives their applications.

Closely related to job sample tests are job simulation exercises that place an applicant in a simulated job situation to see how well he or she can cope. Solution to Personnel Problems: The application form also serves as a guide for the employment interview.

Different people see different things, in terms of body language, tone or answers that caught their attention. It is a very flexible device which can be adopted to select unskilled, skilled managerial and professional employees.

In this way, selection is a process by which only desirable candidates are hired and others are denied the opportunities. Since the persons employed are to work under line officers, the candidates are referred to them. How assessment centres can support the selection process An effective recruitment strategy is paramount to the success of any organization Torrington et al, Till recently, in many organisations, selection was done in a rather unplanned manner.With regards to the selection process, organizations benefit from the process, as selection techniques and approaches allow organizations to hire only the best talents.

Similarly, workforces benefit from the selection process, as it provides a systematic and structural means of selecting the best candidate without bias and prejudice.

Moreover, a Selection Panel is, as a result, requisite, which ought to take account at least single person who has been trained in selection practices, furthermore understands Etihad.

Jun 30,  · This is why more business owners consider human resources selection techniques that help vet out prospects more effectively, There are several types of methods you can use or. Essay Recruitment and Selection Process of Insurance Recruitment and Selection Process of Insurance Companies People are a company’s most important assets.

They can make or break the fortunes of a business. Selection is the process of selecting a qualified person who can successfully do a job and deliver valuable contributions to the organization. The selection process is the strategically planned procedural approach created and implemented by organizations when recruiting and hiring new employees.

CHAPTER 3: Employee Selection Principles and Techniques When you leave college to take a full-time job, there is a 50% chance that you will quit your first job within 3 to 5 years > variety of reasons > both the employee and the organization lose -> importance of employee selection principles and techniques.

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