Cxc poem west indies u s a

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The Bahamas

Comes in super condition and measures 1.Take a close look at the poet's style. Consider, the rhyming pattern, the run-on lines, the use of the colon, the conversational tone, the couplet with which the poem ends and the fact that there is only one full stop used in the whole poem.

Cxc Poem West Indies U S A between cricket and West Indian Social and Political life” Cricket has been intertwined in the life of West Indians since it arrived in the islands. It has been a representation of injustice and prejudice as well as a conduit for social and political triumph in the West Indies.

In the Poem West Indies U.S.A seen above above the poet is located thirty thousand feet above the ground in an air plane. He is observing the view of islands from his widow and asseses them each based on what he perceives joint with experiences.

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Cruising at thirty thousand feet above the endless green the island seems like dice tossed on a casino’s baize, some come up lucky, others not. Puerto Rico takes the pot, the Dallas of the West Indies, silver linings on the clouds as we descend are hall-marked, San Juan glitters like a maverick’s gold ring.

All Read more →. Some of the material comes from Clifford Narinesingh co - author of A Comprehensive English Course, Books and CXC English A. Saturday, 7 January West Indies, U.S.A.

Cxc poem west indies u s a
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