Chlamydia treatment essay

Help other users to find the good and worthy Chlamydia treatment essay term papers and trash the bad ones. Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report: Most often, a sexual partner is informed about a chlamydial infection, and this is the first indication of the presence of the disease.

They are disproportionately higher in urban areas than in rural or suburban locations. C The USPSTF recommends high-intensity behavioral counseling to prevent sexually transmitted infections in all sexually active adolescents and in adults at increased risk.

Infection of the cervix and fallopian tubes occurs frequently, and chlamydia can also cause urethral infection. Chlamydia affects men and women differently. For example, teenage girls have the highest risk of becoming infected with gonorrhea. Sexual Behavior In general, behaviors that incorporate unprotected penile insertion and ejaculation entail the most risk.

Of the estimated one and a half million men in the U. It can cause proctitis, or an inflamed rectum, and conjunctivitis, or an inflammation of the lining of the eye, as well.

STD risks vary by sexual orientation. Last, persons who have been infected with STDs in the past are more likely to become infected again than those who have never been infected.

Free papers will not meet the guidelines of your specific project. Chlamydia can be treated because it is a bacterial infection.

A spiral-shaped bacterium called Treponema pallidum causes it. Preventive Services Task Force. This facilitates the transmission of blood-borne infections such as HIV and hepatitis B. It also recommends intensive behavioral counseling for persons with or at increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Lesbian women have the lowest rates of STD infection. Both conditions can be treated successfully with antibiotics. Some other sexually transmitted disease such as Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, hepatitis B, and genital herpes can't pass through the placenta, but they can be given on a baby during the act of delivery, while baby passes through the birth canal.

Using condoms or diaphragms during sexual activities also is an effective way of preventing the spread of this STD. Massachusetts law see http: The most common symptom is a skin formation called condyloma. If left untreated the woman may experience an unusual discharge and light bleeding between periods, this bleeding may indicate the spread of infection to the uterus.

Usually, chlamydia has no symptoms. Many experts believe that it is because the first symptoms of this terrible disease may go undetected.

The majority of deaths in children happen in newborns, with over two million deaths a year worldwide.

Gonorrhea Risks & Complications

Men with gonorrhea may present with penile discharge and dysuria, whereas women may present with mucopurulent discharge or pelvic pain; however, women often are asymptomatic.

Heterosexual men are at lower risk than heterosexual women and gay men because they are not receptive sexually, and female-to-male transmission of STDs is less efficient than male-to-female and male-to-male. Many times, however, Chlamydia goes unnoticed because of a lack of symptoms.

It is also said that in a population of 15 million, there are up tocases of chlamydia each year. Three million American women and men become infected with chlamydia every year. Our writing service will save you time and grade. Symptoms in men include A burning sensation when urinating Burning or itching around the opening of your penis Pain and swelling in one or both testicles although this is less common If not treated on time, it can lead to much more severe health problems such as lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, nausea, fever, bleeding and pain during the intercourse, and finally infertility.

For example, the risk of transmission of STDs among core group members and their sex partners is to times greater than among the U. Inflammation of the cervix with pus is very common. That can make a woman sterile and unable to get pregnant. It is the most common sexually transmitted bacterial infection in the U.

The less common causes of infectious pneumonia include fungi and parasites. I have a dream martin luther king seating chart wedding ideas. It is to be the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United states with an estimated 3, to 4, people per year.Antibiotic treatment, when taken exactly as directed, normally cures chlamydia infections.

If antibiotics are not taken properly, the infection will not be cured.

Chlamydia in Recurring Miscarriages & Spontaneous Abortions

If. Dec 12,  · The estimated annual treatment costs for Chlamydia is around $2 billion. The asymptotic nature of the disease presents a big problem in the early diagnosis and a substantial number of infected persons are unaware of their condition.

Chlamydia can be easily cured with antibiotics. HIV-positive persons with chlamydia should receive the same treatment as those who are HIV-negative. Chlamydia trachomatis-like organism and is very sim- ilar to but distinct from the C.

trachomatis strains that cause conjunctivitis and sexually transmitted diseases. Gonorrhea vs Chlamydia: What's the Difference? You can make an appointment with your primary care physician or see an urgent care in order to be tested and receive treatment.

Read more of our Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Series: Chlamydia Symptoms in Women and Men, Plus Proper Treatment. After choosing one of the following sexually transmitted infections: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Herpes (genital), Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, or HPV (human papilloma virus), write a paper that includes the following information: 1.

Chlamydia treatment essay
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