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Jeff Foust reviews a book that examines many of the technical issues, and some of the non-technical ones, associated with establishing lunar habitats. Tuesday, May 29, Review: Jeff Foust discusses some of the challenges European startups face in this sector and how they compete against American counterparts.

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Monday, January 29, The era of extremely large telescopes Three different projects are underway to build a new generation of very large ground-based telescopes, but each faces its own set of challenges.

Vidvuds Beldavs argues that modest changes to the treaty could address those concerns while leaving in place a framework for enabling commercial extraction of resources from the Moon and asteroids.

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Monday, October 29, At the recent International Astronautical Congress, there was significant enthusiasm for lunar exploration by companies and governments alike. Monday, March 12, Review: Along the way, Skeeter learns the truth of what happened to her beloved maid, Constantine.

John Putman cautions that such opportunities will require people to prepare not just physically but also psychologically. Monday, August 20, Rethinking the Mars terraforming debate A recent scientific paper appears to kill the idea of being able to terraform Mars.

These authors or publishers may submit the MBR a review from any other reviewer or review resource, as long as they have that reviewer's permission to do so. Jeff Foust reviews a book that examines changing policies regarding the open access to Earth science data amid the ups and downs of commercialization efforts.

Richard Easton discusses how the event traced the launch of that pioneering satellite to modern-day space programs. Learn how you can become a volunteer reviewer for the Midwest Book Review! Al Anzaldua and Michelle Hanlon discuss how an approach from maritime salvage could be applied to orbital debris cleanup.

John Hollaway turns to a couple of books, including one historical account, to offer other lessons about the differences between government and private-sector innovation. We do not request remuneration from authors or publishers in order to avoid any conflict of interest issues. Jeff Foust examines if that investment can continue to grow as options for exits for these investors remain limited.

Roy Balleste and Michelle L. Jeff Foust reviews a book that untangles those connections while also examining the future of military activities in space.


Ajey Lele examines why India would invest in a human spaceflight program with a such a short-term deadline. Jeff Foust reports on the update and the unique plans that customer has for that mission.

Third-party banners, pop-ups, and the like are intrusive, cumbersome, and occasionally carry "bad ads" infected with malicious software! John Strickland examines how much benefit such a depot, using propellant derived from lunar ice, could provide over launching propellant from Earth.

Eric Hedman lays out the arguments for and against it. Monday, February 12, Venture capitalists and other investors have put billions of dollars into space startups in recent years.The Help was the first book I read on my new Kindle years ago.

I was as moved and entertained by it this time as I was on the first encounter. It does a remarkable job of affirming the goodness that lives in so many human hearts. Learn Spanish with our free online tutorials with audio, cultural notes, grammar, vocabulary, verbs drills, and links to helpful sites.

Encouraged by a New York editor, she decides to write a book about the experience of black maids and enlists Aibileen’s help. For Skeeter the book is primarily a chance to prove herself as a writer. The Help is a tale of lines, color, gender and class, in the Jackson, Mississippi of the early s. This is a world in which black women work as domestics in white households and must endure the whims of their employers lest they find themselves jobless, or worse/5.

Apr 01,  · In "The Help," a page-turner that brings new resonance to the moral issues involved,author Kathryn Stockett spins a story of social awakening as seen from both sides of the American racial divide.

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